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The best sports to burn calories

Anyone who wants to reduce his weight, you must take in fewer calories. In addition, regular exercise helps in weight loss. But which Sport is particularly well-suited? It is consumed while Swimming or while Jogging, more calories? How long must you run to burn, for example, a Cheeseburger? Professionals explain what kinds of sport are real calorie killer.

As the technician health insurance (TK) writes on their website, it costs every breath, every movement and every physical exercise energy. The longer and more intense Sport, the more calories it consumes. The experts give an Overview of the consumption for different types of sports.

A kilo calorie per hour and kilogram to Survive


The energy requirement is calculated from its basic revenue, as well as the respective power sales. The basal metabolic rate refers to the minimal energy consumption in complete tranquility. According to the TK, it requires a person to live about a kilo calorie per hour and kilogram of body weight. The so-called power that the energy, which is needed for a particular activity.

Calorie consumption of different sports

Already at a leisurely one-hour walk of about four kilometers, about 190 calories to be consumed. Who goes a little faster, and about six kilometres, consumed 290 calories.


The TK lists on its website the estimated energy sales per hour for selected sports. The calculation was exemplarily created for a 70-kilogram human. How many calories are consumed in individual sports per hour:

  • Volleyball: 200 Calories
  • Tobogganing / sledding (pure descent): 240 calories
  • Cycling, 8 to 12 kilometers per hour: 260 calories
  • Snowboard: 300 Calories
  • Hiking on flat to hilly terrain: 320 calories
  • Ice-skating / ice-Skating: 330 calories
  • Strength Training: 380 Calories
  • Cycling, 15 to 18 kilometers per hour: 400 calories
  • Ski: 420 Calories
  • Tennis: 440 Kilocalories
  • Chest or front crawl Swim at a medium rate: 550 kilo calories
  • Ball games like football or volleyball: 560 calories
  • Walking: 560 Calories
  • Chest or front crawl-Swimming at high speed: 640 calories
  • Jogging 12 miles per hour: 840 kilo calories
  • Ice Hockey: 880 Calories
  • Cross-country skiing in hilly terrain at high speed: 1.120 kcal

Elsewhere, TK explains how long you have to complete the various sports, to burn certain foods:

  • Smoothie, 115 Kilo Calories: 15 Minutes Cycling
  • Cheeseburger, 360 Kilo Calories: 25 Minutes Of Jogging
  • Pizza, 930 Calories: 110 Minutes Of Tennis
  • Doner, 600 Kilo Calories: 60 Minutes Of Basketball To Play
  • Curry Sausage, 390 Pounds Of Calories: 45 Minutes Of Football To Play
  • Ice cream on a stick, 260 kilo calories: 25 minutes of Swimming
  • Fruit Salad, 110 Calories: 10 Minutes Of Beach Volleyball
  • Colorful Salad, 230 Calories: 70 Minutes Slackline
  • Apple, 100 Calories: 30 Minutes Of Yoga
  • Sandwich 470 Calories: 70 Minutes Crossfit

It is important to know that the energy requirements of sports driving is dependent on the sport and the training load. It makes a significant difference whether someone jogs without haste, or a time record is to be set up: More effort usually means more energy consumption. Only well-trained athletes have the same load, a lower energy turnover, because of the metabolism running in trained muscles function more economically. (ad)

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