These Are the Viral Health Memes You Should Stop Sharing, According to a Doctor

Viral memes with wild health claims run rampant on Instagram. Mikhail Varshavski, D.O., or Doctor Mike, tackles misinformation from popular memes in his latest video.

Doctor Mike starts with the claim that super ripe bananas with brown spots enhance the properties of white blood cells to boost immunity. Of course a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables, like bananas, can help support a healthy immune system—but bananas alone don’t prevent you from getting sick.

Another wacky meme says that taking a bath with epsom salts, lavender essential oil, and baking soda draws out toxins and lowers stress.

“The essential oil community is trying to get me frustrated,” says Doctor Mike. “Your pH level is so tightly controlled—like between 7.35 and 7.45 is the little range that it lives in,” he says. “If it comes out of that even slightly, like if it goes to 6.9, you’d die.”

This information is good to keep in mind anytime you see claims about products that will balance your pH levels.

Next up, Doctor Mike tackles claims about the power of eating coconut. One meme says that including the food in your diet helps maintain body mass.

“That’s what food does, folks,” exclaims Doctor Mike. “Have you ever eaten anything before? I could put that on any label. Anything that has a calorie helps maintain body mass.”

As the video progress, Doctor Mike grows visibly irritated by even more outrageous claims about how to regulate your thyroid and prevent body odor. Check out the video for even more of Doctor Mike’s hilarious—and factual—opinions.

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