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Special compound in the honey-sting of loose bees discovered

Honey has been used for centuries for medical purposes, wherein the different types of honey have a very different healing effect is attributed to. Considered to be very healthy, especially the honey-sting of unemployed bees apply in addition to Manuka honey. Australian Researchers have discovered in the honey-sting of loose bees now have a special connection that can only be found in this honey and is significant for its versatile health Benefits responsible.

The indigenous peoples of Australia used the honey and the sting-less bees as a remedy for a variety of ailments, according to the research team, led by Professor Mary Fletcher of the University of Queensland. In the investigation of the honey stinger loose bees have evolved to now shown contained in the honey is actually a special connection that a number of positive health effects. Were published the results of the research team in the journal “Scientific Reports”.

The Basis of the positive effect is so far unclear

In spite of the versatile traditional medicinal application of honey the sting of bees, and wireless was still not clear on what specific bioactive components, the positive health effects based. On the basis of the investigation of honey from five different sting bee species (two from Australia, two from Malaysia and one from Brazil), the researchers sought therefore to identify the responsible ingredients.

Trehalulose is a main component

And the research team was actually successful. For the first time, the identification of the “unusual Disaccharide managed Trehalulose as the main component, which accounts for between 13 and 44 grams per 100 grams of each of these honeys,” report the researchers. Up to 85 percent of the sugar in the honey was “out of Trehalulose and not, as previously assumed, from Maltose,” says Professor Mary Fletcher.

To find In any other food

Trehalulose is a rare sugar with a low glycemic Index (GI) and to be found in any other foods as a main component, explain the researchers. Thus, the assumption that sting is honey good in Diabetes confirmed. Because “a low GI means that it takes longer until the sugar is absorbed into the blood circulation, so that there is no increase in blood sugar levels like other sugars,” says the study’s leader,

“Interestingly, Trehalulose is akariogen also, which means that it does not cause tooth decay”, reported Prof. Fletcher. Overall, the results were a clear Argument for the particular honey, but this also has a proud price. Honey stinger loose bees will be sold today for about 200 Australian dollars (about 123 euros) per kilogram, which corresponds approximately to the price of Manuka honey and Royal jelly-honey, so Prof. Fletcher. Here is the Trehalulos content could be used in the future as a quality feature, in order to identify fakes.

Health benefits and special taste

There have already been patented, and different ways of Trehalulose synthetically with enzymes and bacteria, but our research shows that instead of honey stinger loose bees can be used to achieve the same health benefits, says Prof. Fletcher. And the honey-sting of loose bees have not only health benefits, but will also be appreciated because of its taste especially. (fp)

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