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There may be nothing as American as apple pie, but we’d argue that there’s nothing as summery as blueberry pie. This seasonal treat is made with those sweet berries that start to ripen throughout August, and while we love the straightforward classic recipe, haldol iv half life this new twist by Martha Stewart, author of Martha Stewart’s New Pies and Tarts, caught our eye. That’s thanks to the tropical flavors that are woven into the blueberry filling and crumble topping, which is so tasty we could honestly eat by itself. Is pie crumble granola a thing yet? Becuase if not, boy do we have an idea.


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But we’re getting distracted! Let’s talk pie. The topping is obvi what we’re obsessed with, so let’s start there. It’s made with your usual crumble ingredients — butter, flour, sugar — but Stewart adds shredded coconut and fresh lime zest to the mix. The coconut gets browned and nutty in the oven, the lime zest keeps the flavors vibrant, and the overall impact is something that’s toasted, buttery, sweet, and utterly irresistible.

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Then there’s the filling. Stewart doubles down on the blueberry flavor and texture by calling for both wild and cultivated blueberries. Why? According to Stewart, wild blueberries have a more intense flavor, but their skins are thicker. That can make the texture of the pie a little strange. Adding in the larger, softer cultivated bluberries, which are still sweet and tasty, helps balance things out. It’s the best of both blueberry worlds.

To make sure the pie isn’t too watery, Stewart cooks up a cornstarch-thickened berry filling. It gets a kick of citrus from lime juice, which keeps the pie from tasting too sweet. Then, it’s seasoned with allspice. Allspice is a popular spice in Jamaican food, and in many of the tropical areas where the trees that produce allspice berries grow.

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The end result is a robustly flavorful blueberry pie that’s close enough to the ones you grew up eating to tug on those nostalgia strings, but has enough interesting newness to keep you going back for bite after bite. Martha Stewart’s tropical blueberry pie recipe is definitely a keepr. Just don’t forget the vanilla ice cream to serve!

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