Corona: More sick leave in the case of Younger

In young people, increased sick leave because of a Covid-19 infection in the last few weeks significantly. The findings of a new analysis of the health insurance company Barmer. The experts warn of a second wave.

Within four weeks, from the 21. June until 18. July, are Insured, therefore, the Covid-19-infections in the group increased to 39-Year-olds to 31 per cent, from 744 978 Barmer. "The Corona pandemic is not over yet. Quite the contrary, the risk of a second wave is building, obviously, always more. If the distance and hygiene rules are increasingly being disregarded, the people gefährden&quot life;, Prof. Dr. Christoph Straub, Chairman of the Executive Board of the health insurance Fund says.

In particular, younger people would have to keep re-amplified in the Corona-rules, because in the group from 40 years, the case numbers remained virtually constant. This had increased in the same period of 1.942 on sick-leave Insured to a percent to 1.964 Affected.

Most of the Corona-sick leave across all age groups have it in the 29. Calendar week in North Rhine-Westphalia, with 727 people Affected and in Bavaria, with 607 Patients given.


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