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The body’s own Protein with activity against corona virus discovered

Currently a variety of approaches to treatment against infection with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, are worldwide investigated. A body’s own Protein may help in the fight against the Virus may be a decisive contribution. According to a recent study, the “LY6E, can inhibit the Protein” corona viruses and prevent infection.

The body’s own Protein, LY6E has a strong inhibitory effect on all corona viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, according to the international research team led by Prof. Dr. Stephanie Pfänder of the Ruhr-University of Bochum (RUB) of your study results. This could also open up new approaches to therapy. Was published the study in the journal “Nature Microbiology”.

Different effects of Influenza and corona viruses

Some time ago, who also participated in the current study involved a US scientist, Prof. Dr. John Schoggins, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and Professor Dr. Charles Rice of the Rockefeller University discovered that the LY6E Protein enhanced influenza virus infectivity. However, the Prof. pawns observed in the case of a research stay at the Rockefeller University, that is, LY6E on corona virus the opposite effect.

To identify the proteins in the human body that restrict the spread of corona virus, by Dr. pfaender was looking for in a genetic Screening of several hundred Interferon-stimulated genes (support from isgs). These produce anti-viral proteins and protect against pathogens. In the Screening of the Protein, LY6E showed the strongest inhibitory effect on all tested coronaviruses.

Inhibitory effect in all tested coronaviruses

Together, the researchers from the USA, Switzerland and Germany, the effect of the LY6E Protein investigated in more detail. So you were able to demonstrate how the Protein prevents the corona virus in the host cells to invade. Also have confirmed the inhibitory effect for all tested coronaviruses including the causative agent of Sars, and Mers and SARS-CoV-2.

In Tests with various cell cultures have shown that LY6E affected the ability of the Virus to fuse with the host cells. And “if the Virus can’t fuse with these cells, it can trigger infection”, the who contributed to the study, Prof. Dr. Volker Thiel from the University of Bern.

LY6E for the protection of immune cells

Furthermore, the researchers in experiments on mice demonstrated “that the Mouse version of the Protein called LY6E for the protection of immune cells from infection is crucial,” reports the RUB. In the absence of the Protein in immune cells such as dendritic cells, and B be cells more susceptible to infections, and their number will take drastically.

So mice, which LY6E was absent in immune cells, were highly susceptible to a normally non-deadly mouse Coronavirus and died from such infections, according to the research team. Although in the Experiment used mouse Coronavirus from vagina from excitation of the current COVID-19-outbreak and solve, for example, not respiratory disease, but Hepatitis. Nevertheless, it is widely used as a model for the understanding of the basic concepts of Coronavirus was recognized “replication and the immune responses in a living animal.”

Hope for new therapeutic approaches

From the insights gained also information on possible treatment strategies, emphasizes Prof. pledges. LY6E could help as a naturally occurring Protein of the people in the development of therapies that could be used one day for the treatment of Coronavirus infections. A therapeutic approach that mimics the mechanism of action of LY6E, could constitute a first line of defense against novel Coronavirus infections. (fp)

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