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What measures can protect us from COVID-19?

A new Overview summarizes findings from model studies, of how quarantine will impact on the spread of COVID-19. It turned out that the quarantine plays an important role in the control of the spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

In the current evaluation of the various studies of the Non-Profit organization Cochrane Collaboration, it was noted that quarantine may reduce the spread of COVID-19 effective. The results of the study were published in the English journal “Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews”.

Quarantine helps to control the spread of Corona

The Overview of included studies unanimously concluded that the quarantine can play an important role in the control of the spread of the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Early introduction of quarantine and in combination with other measures in the field of public health could help reduce the spread of the disease, but there are still large uncertainties, how these measures are implemented at best and when you can be relaxed.

There is still no medication against Covid-19

Currently, there are still no effective drugs or vaccines for the treatment of COVID-19. For this reason, in a number of countries, the restrictive health policy measures, such as isolation, distance, and quarantine have been taken to the Transmission of the Virus to contain.

How useful is quarantine?

The researchers used abbreviated form of systematic review methods, in order to clarify various questions on the topic of the impact of quarantine on the spread of COVID-19. These questions included, for example, whether the quarantine of asymptomatic individuals with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 is in contact, can effectively curb the outbreak of COVID-19.

Further questions should be clarified

For more questions, wanted to clarify the researchers were, for example, whether there are differences in the effectiveness of quarantine in different environments, and how effective quarantine is used in combination with other interventions. In addition, the researchers were concerned that if the quarantine of persons coming outbreak from a country with a COVID-19-can be effective in the control of the COVID-19-outbreak.

Results of 29 studies were evaluated

There are 29 relevant studies were evaluated. Ten of these investigations focused on COVID-19. 15 studies examined related findings to SARS. Two research investigated SARS and other viruses, and two further studies dealt with MERS.

Measures of quarantine have had a positive impact

In the case of the ten studies dealing with COVID-19, it was all model studies, in which the outbreak scenarios in China, the UK and South Korea, as well as on a cruise ship were simulated. This is included in the table, COVID-19-studies report consistently on a positive Use of the measures of the quarantine and show similar results as studies on SARS and MERS.

Impact of quarantine

Therefore, the researchers came to the conclusion that the quarantine of persons exposed to confirmed cases, can prevent a high proportion of infections and deaths compared with the implementation of no measures. The effect of the quarantine of travelers from a country with a reported outbreak, Transfers, and deaths averted, was only low.

A combination of quarantine and other measures has had the most success

In General, the combination of quarantine and other prevention and control measures had, such as school closings, travel restrictions, and physical isolation, locking cases, in comparison to the quarantine alone will have a greater impact on the reduction of Transfers of serious cases with required treatment in intensive care units and death. In addition, the researchers announced that a more comprehensive and more timely implementation of prevention and control could be measures that may be more effective to curb the COVID – 19-outbreak.

There were limitations in the study?

The results should be viewed according to the research group, due to the way the used in these studies models have been developed, is quite critical. They are based on assumptions about the actual prevalence of the infection, which could be updated when more on this aspect of the COVID-19-pandemic known.

The best possible balance of measures is very important

The analysis of the studies shows that the quarantine can contain contribute to the outbreak of COVID-19, however, the Situation needs to be monitored on site constantly to provide the best possible balance of the existing measures be maintained. Only in this way, an acceptable compromise between Benefits and harms can be found, report the researchers. (as)

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