Coronavirus Myths You Should Ignore, According to Doctor Mike

Mikhail Varshavski, D.O., or Doctor Mike, is on a mission to tackle health misinformation. More than five million YouTube subscribers tune in to Doctor Mike’s channel for entertaining, and fact-based, medical guidance.

Lately, Doctor Mike has tackled rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. In a new Men’s Health video, Doctor Mike faces off against some of the most prevalent COVID-19 rumors found online.

“There’s a lot of bad science—a lot of incorrect medical information. So I’m here to see what people are saying and set the record straight,” he says.

Here are a few myths that Doctor Mike addresses:

Wearing diapers as face masks can prevent coronavirus

“No, this is not a medical grade mask by any means,” says Doctor Mike. The Centers for Disease Control advises the public to wear a cloth mask, but this is to protect others—not you. “You’re limiting the virus, or respiratory droplets, from leaving your mouth and entering the environment,” he says.

Coronavirus does not spread through pools or hot tubs

The only pool you should use is the one in your back yard. “First of all, you should be social distancing yourself,” says Doctor Mike. That means you should avoid the community pool at all costs. But no, the coronavirus does not spread through water.

5G towers could cause COVID-19

If you didn’t hear, there are rumors that 5G makes COVID-19 worse because it sucks oxygen out of your lungs, according to The Verge. This is false, according to Doctor Mike. “Right now there is no plausible mechanism that EMF, electromagnetic field waves can be causing or worsening COVID-19 symptoms,” he says.

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