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Blood pressure medication according to the study, no risk factor for severe COVID-19-gradients

Many patients are confused by current speculation: blood pressure-lowering drug might be more vulnerable for Coronavirus infections, or lead to more severe COVID-19-disease. A new study now comes to soothing results: According to the researchers, blood pressure medication progressions of ends is not a risk factor for severe disease.

As the German high pressure League in a communication writes, revealed a recent study from China, the evidence that patients taking blood pressure-lowering drugs, have no worse prognosis than other people, if you are developing COVID-19. The possibility of influencing the COVID-19-history through blood pressure-lowering drug has been classified by the specialists as an unlikely and highly speculative.

Fear is demonstrably false

The novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 uses to enter the cells, ACE2 (“angiotensin converting enzyme 2”) as a kind of “door opener”. ACE2 is located on the cell membrane and is formed in many organs, for example heart, kidney, gastrointestinal and lung.

Therefore, it was continually expressed the fear that the blood pressure-lowering therapy with ACE-inhibitors (ACEI) and Angiotensin Receptor blockers (ARB), which are the so called Sartans, could increase the risk for a more severe course of a COVID-19 is a disease – this is demonstrably false.

A current, in the journal “JAMA Cardiology” published a study from China demonstrated that Hypertensive patients and blood pressure patients taking these drugs, do not have poorer prognosis than other people, if you are developing COVID-19.

New data to ensure a high level of security

Data was evaluated from over 1,100 COVID-19-Concerned. As it turned out, difference in the proportion of patients who had been previously with ACEI/ARB treated, not significantly different between the groups with severe and mild disease (32.9 percent vs. 30.7 percent; p=0,645).

Also among the deceased, the proportion of those who had previously received a hypertension therapy was not significantly higher than the blood pressure of healthy persons.

The study also showed that it played no role for the COVID-19-history, whether the patients with ACEI or ARB had been treated.

“The new data can give practitioners and patients a high level of security, because it is, after all, the evaluation of a large number of patients with a clear result: prior treatment with high blood pressure has affected the Outcome of Covid-19-patients”, explains Prof. Dr. med. Ulrich Wenzel, Hamburg, Chairman of the Executive Board of the German hypertension League DHL®.

Blood pressure medications do not change

The possibility of influencing the COVID-19-history by ACEI or ARB has been classified by the specialists as an unlikely and highly speculative.

ACE2, the Sars-Cov-2 binds, and ACE, which inhibit the blood pressure-lowering agents, are two completely different enzymes. Moreover, animal experimental findings are, that among ARB, the formation of ACE2 increases Expression, not consistent and varied depending on the ARB and body.

A total of no data to suggest that ACEI or ARB favor of a SARS-CoV-19-infection by an ACE2-increase according to the high-pressure League, in short: The drugs do not more susceptible to a COVID-19-disease.

Came “this assessment of the ‘European Society of Hypertension a few days ago’. In a Statement, the group recommends that blood pressure medications do not change, neither from fear of a Covid-19-disease in the case of a Covid-19-illness,“ said Professor Florian Limbourg, Hannover, member of the management Board of the German hypertension League DHL®.

“These recommendations has been connected to the German high pressure League and by the latest data out of China, we see ourselves in this recommendation encouraged.” (ad)