Here’s why you should have the chirata herb every day

Chirata is also known and referred to as 'Swertia Chirata' (scientific name), 'Bitter Stick', 'East Indian Balmony', 'Kairata', 'Kirata', among others.

Let’s admit it, not many of us enjoy anything that tastes bitter. So, the chirata herb is not something you will enjoy. But, you are likely to volunteer anyway, owing to the numerous health benefits of this magic herb. If you are looking to boost your immunity this flu season, and all the seasons to come, you must incorporate the herb in your diet. Here are some things you should know first; read on.

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About the herb

Chirata is used for medicinal purposes, because it is believed that it contains a chemical which can reduce inflammation and possibly also fight malaria. If you are suffering from fever, have constipation, an upset stomach, loss of appetite, or even intestinal worms, you can add some chirata to your diet. While more scientific evidence is needed, chirata is generally considered to be safe to be taken in the form of a beverage. As with everything, excessive use is not advisable, and you must be careful of the quantity of chirata herb in your drink; not to mention that excess of it can make your taste buds incredibly bitter.


Chirata is also known and referred to as ‘Swertia Chirata’ (scientific name), ‘Bitter Stick’, ‘East Indian Balmony’, ‘Kairata’, ‘Kirata’, among others. It is said that this flowering plant can grow up to a height of three to four feet, in the mountainous regions of India and Bhutan. In taste, it is quite bitter, and slightly pungent, too.

Nutritional value

The herb is packed with many different ingredients that together make it potent. These include some antioxidants, alkaloids, and glycosides like xanthones, chiratanin, chiratol, palmitic acid, to name a few.

Health benefits

When consumed daily, this herb can provide protection to the liver, by getting rid of toxins from the body. It can also help with the generation of new liver cells. Chirata, as mentioned before, is considered to be anti-parasitic. It can eliminate roundworms and tapeworms from the body. It is also beneficial for the health of the skin. When you take a glass every day, you flush out the toxins from the body, and treat various conditions like rashes, itching, burning sensation and redness. The herb is also believed to create more blood in the body, thereby helping with anemia.

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Checking with your doctor/nutritionist before incorporating it in your diet is always recommended.

The downside

The only downside is that for people who cannot down anything bitter, this will make for a difficult drink. The bitterness can cause some vomiting as well.

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