“She just had a cough”: Corona-the death of a 16-Year-old shocked France

The death of 16-year-old Julie shocked France: The young is the latest victim of the Coronavirus pandemic in the country, such as the health Ministry in Paris announced.

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Why Julie, who was, according to your family’s healthy as a horse? "We will never be an answer bekommen", your mother of the news Agency AFP says.

"She only had a Husten", Julie’s mother, Sabine A. told on the phone. These have dealt with Julie a week ago, initially with cough syrup and inhalations. Starting Saturday, the first breath had then trouble to come. "Not very big, she had problems when Einatmen", her mother recalls.

"This was the fourth Dimension"

Then Julie got coughing stronger and stronger, and the right to have epileptic seizures. Sabine A. brought their daughter, then on Monday to the house doctor. This alerted the emergency services. Instead of the ambulance, the fire Department moved in with protective suits, masks, gloves. It was inconceivable, says her mother, "this was the fourth Dimension".

The fire Department had brought Julie to the nearest hospital in Longjumeau, South of Paris. The Doctors would have you calmed down later, by telephone From a lung turbidity &quot was the speech;nothing Ernstem".  

However, two Corona-rapid tests give hope

A Coronavirus Test is made at Julie. Still of the night Julie’s condition deteriorated, according to the mother, the youth is laid in the renowned Paris children’s hospital Necker. On Tuesday, Julie comes to the intensive care unit. Your mother can visit you. Julie is nervous, tired when Speaking quickly. "My heart weh&quot does;, she says of her mother.

However, two Corona-rapid tests give hope: they are negative. The door of Julie’s hospital room opens, the doctor lifts the thumb, says Sabine. Julie seems to have the worst over. Your mother’s driving hope home.

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  • Late in the evening, the family gets a call: The Corona-Test from the first clinic is a positive one, Julie has the lung disease Covid-19. Her condition has deteriorated, it must be ventilated. "We have the können&quot not believe it;, the mother tells. Also Julie’s older sister Manon is shocked: "From the beginning, has told us, the Virus hits young people. And we believed, like all of them."

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    Particularly aggressive Form of the Coronavirus

    Wednesday morning at 00.30 hrs, a call from the Necker comes clinic: "You come quickly!" Because you’ve got panic, says mother Sabine. When she arrives at one o’clock in the morning, with her daughter Manon in the hospital, Julie is dead. "Her skin was still warm", says her mother.

    A Taufkette and a bracelet are all of the family to stay. Everything else must be burned according to the strict Corona pads. The funeral must take place in the smallest group, only ten people are allowed. "This is hard to ertragen&quot to;, Sabine and her daughter Manon say in unison.

    According to the French Ministry of health, Julie died of a particularly aggressive Form of the Coronavirus, the "extremely selten" in the case of young people. In the TV the news that a 16-Year-old died running nonstop, she is one of nearly 1700 deaths in France. "It is grauenvoll", Sabine says. "Because I know that it is my daughter."

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