In the fight against the Coronavirus great hopes on the Frankfurt Virologist now

It is the Christian Drosten of Frankfurt: While the head of Virology at the Charité hospital in Berlin, nationwide, in the media, working his Frankfurt colleague, Sandra Ciesek prefer in the laboratory. To your high hopes.

She was one of the first to analyze in Germany, the Virus Sars-CoV-2. The samples came from the throat of the passengers, who were flown in at the beginning of February from the air force of the Chinese epidemic center, Wuhan out of it. From these samples Cieseks Team Sars-CoV-2 could anzuzüchten in cell cultures and more research.

"We also look to how stable the Virus is ist"

In order to support their work Ciesek just received 250,000 euros from Johanna Quandt University Foundation – approved within 24 hours, such as the Goethe-reported University. "Our goal is, as soon as possible with clinical studies in healthy volunteers and patients to beginnen", the 42-Year-old says.

What options are currently being pursued? The a is a so-called pharmacological substance database. You should be anti-viral drugs due to addiction. The second approach, the Gene-scissors CRISPR-Cas9 is. The idea is to turn off genes that the Virus needs for infection.

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"We look but also how stable the Virus is, how long will it be on surfaces or in liquids kann&quot survive;, they reported "how can it be disable in order to work safely in the laboratory, how stable it is compared to fluctuations in the Ph level, or UV-light." Intermediate results you don’t want to betray: "For Sars-CoV-2, we do not have any stable data, that we would give you in the press price."

Stir a contribution in the &quot made in February;The New England Journal of Medicine", the demonstrated that a purely "symptom-based Screening" in the case of Sars-CoV-2 is not effective: Some of the passengers from Wuhan had shown during flight symptoms and were taken to the University hospital. For safety, you also took all the other smears and examined it. It turned out that two people were carrying the Virus, had no symptoms, while Isolated, were not infected.

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  • "No one in this world can precisely tell, how the situation entwickelt&quot more;

    Unlike her Berlin colleague, Ciesek hold back in Public. When asked whether the current mitigation measures are insufficient, excessive, or too timid, she says: "This is a question that I don’t want to answer. It is not for me as a Virologist." dpa/Andreas Arnold/dpa Prof. Dr. Sandra Ciesek, Director of the Institute for Medical Virology at the University hospital in Frankfurt, is in the hospital.

    For Virology Ciesek came in a roundabout way, over the Internal medicine, your specialty was Hepatitis. When she became a mother, she decided, a professorship in Essen to accept. "I thought, if you have small children, is Virology a specialist, where you have more time to vereinbaren&quot to research and family;. A hope which was not fulfilled. In may 2019, she moved to Frankfurt, today, she is rushing between laboratory, clinic and a Desk-and-forth.

    "No one in this world can precisely tell, how the situation will develop. The virologist doesn’t know everything. But we are learning every day dazu", she said. "What makes this Virus different, is that it is new to our immune system and our heads." Your Council at this time: "Wash hands, keep distance, Isolation are the most important. But hoarding isn’t helping us."

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