Survey: Germany, dramatically loses its Reputation in Italy

The spread of the Virus keeps Germany and the world continue to breath. More than four million people have, until now, with the novel Virus-causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 infected – 169.857 of them in Germany.

TOP NEWS: poll: Germany loses in Italy to See

Germany has lost in Italy, according to a survey in the Corona-crisis Reputation. Only 26 percent of the respondents had a lot of confidence in Germany, the results of the representative survey of the Institute Demos & Pi for the newspaper "La Repubblica". In January 2019, the value was 42 percent.

The loss of confidence is a reaction to the behaviour of Northern European countries during the Virus crisis, said Ilvo Diamanti, of the opinion research Institute. Hard-hit southern European countries such as Italy or Spain felt in the crisis of the EU and countries such as Germany or the Netherlands left alone. Matthias Schrader/AP/dpa

According to the survey, countries such as Russia and China won easily. The two countries had sent in the crisis as quickly as possible aid to Italy. Germany had brought several Covid patients from Italy in the Federal Republic of Germany, the public discourse focused on but first of all on the dispute in the EU about financial assistance for Italy.

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