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No phone ill write more – experts criticize decision

In the past month due to the risk of the Coronavirus in doctors ‘ offices, a special scheme had been introduced. This made it possible, sick leave for respiratory complaints such as colds issue by phone. This scheme has now been extended, provides for massive criticism by experts.

Hospitals, Doctors and health politicians criticize the end of the telephone Sick leave for respiratory complaints. This special arrangement made it possible that patients with mild diseases of the upper respiratory tract after telephone consultation with your Doctor or your doctor, and a certificate of inability to work (AU) up to a maximum of 14 days issued were able to get.

Pressure by employer

As the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV) reported in a message that has not opted out of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), to extend the scheme to AU-certificate by phone. You ran on Sunday, 19. April, from.

“This is neither the practices nor good for the patients”, commented Dr. Andreas streets, and Dr. Stephan Hofmeister from the Board of Directors of the kassenärztliche bundesvereinigung (KBV).

“With astonishment and incomprehension” responded Dr. Hofmeister, Vice-CBD-Chairman of the Board, on the decision.

“We had the G-BA for an extension up to 3. May be used. This would be a barrier coincident with the of the Federal government issued a continuation of the contact. Unfortunately, we have been on the Board outvoted. Apparently, the great pressure from the employers ‘ side has played a crucial role,“ explained Hofmeister.

Dr. streets, CEO of CBD, said: “From next Monday, all patients need to come back because of a possible AU in the practices. The abrupt stop by the G-BA is a Problem for the practice team and patients alike.“

“A clear error”

Also, the German hospital society (DKG) is practicing in a communication criticism of the decision that was taken by the Shi head Association and the impartial Chairman of the G-BA and “against the voices of the Doctors, dentists and hospitals”.

“Now, if it is said that this was a decision of the Joint self-administration, this is wrong. It is a Shi head Association-decision-making,“ write the experts.

Criticism also comes from health policy-makers. So Karl Lauterbach (SPD writes on Twitter: “For sick leave must continue to be respiratory diseases, no doctor visit necessary. It is nonsense to force the contagion in practice, given that the patients have on the way, and in practice no effective protection mask. There is a clear error.“

Update 21.04.2020

Call and ill message extended

Actually should be tilted to the special arrangements for telephone Sick leave for people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract that do not have severe symptoms. However, after massive criticism of professionals can contact workers by phone in sick.

The impartial Chairman of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), Prof. Josef Hecken said, according to a message:

“Because of the care practice at the weekend, expressed different assessments of the risk situation for patients in medical practices due to still a lack of protective equipment, the G-BA will again today with the question of the possibility of the confirmation of inability to work by telephone without personal examination of the patients by the doctor to deal with.”

And further: “With high probability we will be in this new decision, an extension of the scheme up to 4. In may 2020, with the modification decide that a work’s inability to be certified on the basis of a telephone history only for the maximum duration of one week and in case of persistent disease once, it can be extended,“ said hedges.

“In good time before the expiry of the expected extended derogation is decided on a possible further extension.” (ad)