The best no-touch keyrings so you don't have to touch a door handle again

We might be face masked up and ready for some socially distant activities, but attempts to stay away from Bad Germs while outside could be threatened once you reach a public door.

How to open this germ-riddled slab of metal that gets touched by passersby aplenty?

You could opt for the kick and shuffle (works best for push doors), but what about door handles that need to be pulled to open?

Sure you can douse your hands in sanitiser after pulling them to open, but even that gets taxing.

Enter the no-touch keyring. As technology and craftsmanship evolves in accordance with the modern-day plague (Zoom was just an onomatopoeia before all this), we are seeing plenty of new concepts.

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The no-touch keyring is one such device that’s being utilised to avoid touching door handles and in turn limit being in contact with germs.

And it’s not just for door handles, it can also be used on ATM machines, to press buttons on ticket machines, self-checkout scans, lifts and more.

All you need to do is put your fingers through one side and use the end of it to pull the door open – either insert the handle through the end of the keyring and pull or for a larger handle, use the open end of the keyring and pull.

Here are some of the best (and quirkiest) key chains we’ve seen:

No Touch Door Opener Keyring, £0.99 – £2.36 per Keyring, Lanyards

Solid Brass No Touch Tool Contactless Door Opener, £10, Etsy

Cat Touch-Free Door Opener, £4.50, Etsy

Covid No Touch Safety Key, Touchless Plastic Door Opener, £5.99, Etsy

iSOUL Copper Contactless Door Opener Tool, £7.99, Amazon

WATOS Contactless Door Opener and Stylus, £6.99, Amazon

Door Opener / Button Pusher, £2, eBay

Safe Touch Key Button Press Push utensil, £8, Etsy  

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