The Wellness Trend You Should Try Based on Your Zodiac Sign

No matter how chaotic the world gets, turning to the stars’ wisdom is a time-honored tradition for those of us seeking guidance for our minds, bodies and spirits. That’s why astrology has been having a moment (or, let’s be real, a series of moments) for centuries. We’ll frequently turn to astrology for matters of the heart, so why wouldn’t we want to consider the larger, cosmic ways you can bring balance, joy and health into our lives? That’s why we assembled a few wellness trends (high-tech, low-tech and everywhere between) that complement each zodiac sign.

When it comes to astrology, your sun sign (think: the one you read about in your horoscope based on your birthday) is the first step to getting some insight into some major parts of who you are — the sun, after all, is the ego and the center of our solar system. Not sure if you really feel like your sun sign? You can (and totally should) have an astrologer interpret your birth chart for a full rundown of the planets and elements that play a role in your life. It’s totally possible that your moon or ascendant or another dominant sign makes you feel so much more seen (and, in that case, maybe try that trend out as well).

Aries: HIIT workouts

For a bouncy, energetic signs like Aries, you’ll have them at “intensity.” High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are great for people looking for a challenging way to burn some energy, look after their hearts (hello cardio!) and swear hard.

Pro-tip: If you can find another strong-headed fiery workout buddy to turn your workout into a competition, you’ll be a very happy ram.

Taurus:  Sleep Tech

Sleeping well, luxuriously and in a way that’s working smarter and not harder is totally on-brand for a Taurus. Earth signs are committed to efficiency and Taurus, though often mistaken for lazy, knows the value of investing in good sleep habits. Maybe try out a fancy sound machine, an alarm clock that gives you the least traumatic, chillest wake-up call or go all-out on one of the smart devices that monitor your brain while you snooze.

Gemini: Breathwork

Like all air signs, Geminis are known for getting caught in their heads. Breathwork is a new age-y but practical way to inject some mindfulness into the one thing you’re doing all day no matter what: breathing.

Cancer: Meditation Apps

For water signs, managing your emotions is something you’re probably never not doing. You’re in tune with that energy most of the time, so finding healthy and soothing ways to sort through your mind is crucial to maintaining a good brain space (something you nurturing Cancers can excel at). Trying out a meditation app (headspace is great for kids and parents alike) can be a great way to hold space for mindfulness and develop a strong, satisfying practice.

Leo: Golden Milk Lattes

A functional, highly instagrammable beverage that does wonders for gut health? Heck yeah. Golden Milk uses turmeric (paired with dairy or plant-based milks and other spices for flavor) to create the aesthetically pleasing and effective anti-inflammatory beverage that’ll look good on your grid and make you feel great at the same time.

Virgo: Wearable Fit Tech

For Virgos, a chance to gather data and leverage your previous experience into efficient ways to improve your lifestyle is irresistible. Whether they favor a Fitbit, an Apple Watch or some other model, the intel on their steps, their heart rate or even how they sleep can inform so many other health decisions along the way.

Libra: Skincare as Self-Care

Aesthetics make sense to Libras. Everything could be on fire, but you know what looks and feels right and good. So bring balance to your skin and one of the few things you can control by introducing a skincare routine that makes you feel cared for and indulged. Whether it’s a commitment to a once a week mask, a semi-regular scrub or a seven step nightly ritual, let maintenance of your largest organ ground you.

Scorpio: Rage Yoga

Things are pretty intense right now for everyone, but Scorpios are used to that intensity. While your typical yoga class is quiet and soothing, rage yoga invites you to swear, scream and externalize all the aggression you might otherwise keep locked up real tight. Let it all out, you secretive Scorpion.

Sagittarius: Overhauling Post-Workout Recovery 

You don’t need to twist a Sag’s arm to get them working out — bouncing from cool hobby to new workout class to scenic hikes without skipping a beat is kinda their thing. What you do want to do is get a Sag to invest in the quiet, post-game work too! Workout recovery itself is full of indulgent little moments — soaks! rubs! massages! — that help you prep your body for your next adventure.

Capricorn: Bullet Journaling

Journaling is recommended for all kinds of folks as a way to organize your thoughts, feelings and desires. Bullet journaling itself has built up a following among crafty, organized types for the creative muscles it encourages you to flex along the way. For Capricorns, you hardly need help in the structure and discipline departments, but you can use that built-in structure of laying out your BoJo to do something creative and manifest at the same time.

Aquarius: Crystals

Aquarius’ thrive when they get to play with and learn about some out-there ideas — and crystals are a true woo-woo trend that lets them read up and explore something new and new age-y. Whether you’re a witchy believer or a hobbyist, crystals let you assess certain places you want to focus your energy (love, kindness, patience, etc.) and have a physical item to remind you to manifest that energy. Plus, they’re really pretty.

Pisces: CBD

It’s sort of a punchline in the astrology world that Pisces love weed. Chill, vibe-y and in touch with their emotions, this isn’t entirely untrue. While CBD (cannabidiol) products are cannabis-based products, they have very little psychoactive effects — but, lucky for Pisces, they do offer some benefits that soothe and calm aching body parts and help de-stress.

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