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Meningitis: vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis is recommended

The danger bites of ticks that should not be underestimated. The little bloodsuckers can infect you with serious diseases. In this country you are transferring, particularly the causative agent of Lyme disease and TBE (tick-borne encephalitis) to humans. Against the latter, a vaccination is available.

Ticks dangerous infection can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease or tick-borne encephalitis (TBE). While the former is nationally distributed; the latter is limited to certain regions of the Republic, Bavaria is the most affected. The health Minister of the free state calls, therefore, for TBE-vaccination.

Risk from April to October, the largest

Bavarian health Minister Melanie Huml advertises in a current message for vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis (TBE).

“From April to October, the risk is greatest with of tick-borne encephalitis (tick-borne encephalitis, short TBE) to infect,” said the Minister.

“Therefore it is now high time for a vaccination.”

More ticks due to the mild winter

The health Minister pointed out that the number of reported TBE cases in Bavaria in the past three years, over 200.

“As a result of the mild winter, there are according to experts, more ticks than in previous years,” said Huml.

“Therefore, people, who are often in nature – for example, when Hiking or even in your own garden, should be now against TBE vaccination,” says the Minister, who is a licensed medical Doctor.

“The Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) recommends TBE vaccination for persons who may come in high-risk areas with ticks in contact.”

Disease can be severe in intensity

“TBE is no trifling matter. Because this can result in skin inflammation of the brain, the brain or spinal cord to be. Especially in the elderly, the illness can be difficult. But also children are at risk,“ said Huml.

“Running through dense undergrowth and tall Grass should be avoided.”

On the website of the Bavarian Ministry of health, there are even more tips for protecting yourself against tick bites:

You pay for stays in the nature as a closed and bright clothes to ensure ticks are easier to discover. Naked parts of the body can ticks with special Anti-funds to be rubbed.

Search for yourself and your children after a stay in the forest, Meadow and bushes, but also in gardens or parks to small animals.

After a tick bite, it is very important to remove the tick early, because the likelihood of pathogen transmission with the duration of the blood sucking increases.

Almost all Bavarian districts are TBE-risk areas

According to the Huml have been declared since the reporting obligation for TBE diseases in the year 2001, more and more regions in Bavaria to the TBE-risk area.

In Germany, there is a risk of TBE infections, especially in Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, southern Hesse, in the South-Eastern Thuringia and in Saxony.

Currently, 91 of the 96 Bavarian districts and circle-free cities by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) have already been declared as TBE risk areas.

Against Lyme disease there is no vaccine

“Ticks can transmit in addition to TBE the infection disease Lyme borreliosis. It can also be weeks to months after the bite yet, among other things, to painful inflammation of the nerves come,“ said Huml.

“Against the infection disease Lyme disease no vaccination protects, but it can be usually good with antibiotics therapy. The sooner this happens the better it is. Lyme disease can also lead to weeks after the tick bite pain inflammation, for example, of nerves or joints, therefore, early diagnosis is important,“ the Minister said.

Well seen with the Lyme is Lyme disease in the so-called wall redness (Erythema migrans), a ring-shaped redness around the Tick bite.

It is important to ticks as quickly as possible and remove with a suitable tool and the skin on the appearance of the wall to observe redness and immediately a Doctor or see a doctor. (ad)