We have a backlog: Even the health Department of Trier admits of a breakdown at the Corona-Tests

The Corona-Test-mishap in Bavaria is apparently not an isolated case. Also from the health Department of Trier delays are reported. The chief officer explained how it could happen and what to do now.

The Corona-Test-mishap in Bavaria, has set Prime Minister Markus Söder and public health Minister, Melanie Huml under tremendous pressure. Now it is clear: Bayern are not the only ones who have problems with the new, hastily established test centers. The head of the Department of health in Trier-Saarburg, Harald Michels, tells to the ZDF that the electronic reporting system operational: "At the Moment the results come in, therefore, with us by Fax. And the all have the same file name: 'Fax.pdf'. That is, we have thousands of findings, the 'Fax.pdf' hot, open it in the computer, you save it under the name of the affected patients, so there’s no confusion to happen." Often be written on the entry forms and telephone numbers wrong or you can’t read the data simply. Screenshot ZDF

Shortly before the establishment of the test center you have ever experienced that the health Department would have to participate in it. Of "no high Aufwand" the speech was. In the first week 3800 additional test be results to the health Department added, so Michels to the ZDF. So far, only four Tests were positive. Therefore, it was straightforward to inform the person Concerned. But the work load was at the limit of what is Possible. And therefore, it is &quot in Trier;Default, the people on the phone to informieren" come. "We have a backlog that we need to consider. But we have tried to get at least the people, from which an infection risk, very quickly in Isolation. And we do the Rest one after the other."

Many of the holiday returnees are coming from Luxembourg via Trier, Germany, Michels. Especially travelers from Spain. Of the Tested, only 20 percent came from the Region of Trier.

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