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The element wood cigarette

Cigarettes with menthol taste were once very popular. On Wednesday, the 20. In may 2020, the full ban for flavoured cigarettes in all EU countries came into force. This is probably the final for menthol cigarettes in the EU.

Amount of nicotine, filters, additives in tobacco cigarettes, there are many differences. A variant will now be eliminated: the cigarette with menthol taste.

Flavored cigarettes to pens for Smoking

The menthol cigarette is available in the EU shortly before her final. From Wednesday, 20. In may 2020, are prohibited in the EU member States, without exception, all of the cigarettes with characterising flavours, because they mask the taste of tobacco and to promote tobacco use contribute. Thus, a four-year Transition period for products with a higher share of the market ends up being three percent. The scheme is part of the EU tobacco products Directive, adopted in 2014, after arduous negotiations and 2016 came into force.

More space for health warnings and shocking images

Since then, two – thirds of the front and back of cigarettes boxes, tobacco packaging for shock images and information of Rotation be at the end of warnings reserved. The rules should reduce the Smoking rates of young people, and cases of premature mortality will reduce. Currently, the EU Commission is carrying out a study on the application of the tobacco products Directive.

Actions to avert the ban abgewisen

Shortly before the entry into force of the European court of justice confirmed the tighter rules. The judges in Luxembourg rejected at the beginning of may 2016 actions of Poland and several tobacco companies. With a view to the flavors, they pointed out that products such as menthol cigarettes should be make with “a pleasant Aroma” in the smoke just for beginners more attractive. The EU legislator was empowered, therefore, to prohibit tobacco control these products.

What is so bad about Menthol cigarettes?

“The biggest Problem of the Menthol is that it has a cooling and soothing, slightly anesthetic effect,” says Katrin Schaller from the Department of cancer prevention at the German cancer research center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. This meant that the usually harsh smoke is easier to inhale. Do menthol cigarettes, especially for Smoking-newcomers attractive.

Eight million deaths by Smoking a year

According to estimates by the world health organization (WHO) die in the world every year, eight million people prematurely from the effects of cigarette consumption. From a health policy point of view, the EU is welcome-ban so to, says Schaller. (vb; Source: dpa)

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